A wedding glamping planners guide

Those long, warm, summer days may seem a way off this time of year but for those of you that are making the most of the dark nights by getting your heads down to plan your big day, will know that wedding planning is what this time of year is all about!

Wedding Glamping Accommodation | Love Lotus | Oxford & Bristol

Perhaps you fancy bringing something a little unique to your celebration and combined with your love of the great outdoors, or being keen campers you’ve been checking out the latest cool wedding trends.  Whatever your reason, glamping - the cool glamorous camping - is back again this year as one of the favourite alternative wedding choices when it comes to putting up your guests for the night.

Ranging from back-to-basics to the utmost luxurious, you will find yurts, tipis, safari tents, airstream caravans and much much more on offer.  But with all this choice, it can get a tad overwhelming, which is why we thought we'd give you a few pointers worth considering when you’re looking into your glamping options.

First things first - set a budget.  Decide how much you want to spend on the glamping accommodation for your guests.  Or, if they are paying for it themselves, then how much do you think they would be prepared to pay.  Prices for glamping varies hugely so this is a great place to start.

Next - work out your numbers.  Get a rough idea on how many guests will be staying over, how many may choose the glamping option as it's not for everyone – especially your 85 year old Grandma who would probably much prefers her own bed! Think about how many would share - such as friends or families.

Then it's time to pick a style – are you an ethical eco type or one who enjoys the finer things in life and surrounds yourself with luxury?  Do you prefer the lotus belle, teepee, belle tent, yurt or safari tent?  Pick what fits you and your partners style and wedding theme.

Choose a glamping location.  Sadly you can't just glamp anywhere but with a bit of searching you will soon find the perfect spot.  Start by having a word with your wedding party venue or others nearby to see if they have land available for you can pitch on, or find a camping ground or somewhere in the great outdoors that is special to you.  We recommend checking out Festival Brides who have some awesome venues and land available for hire. Remember though, not everyone will fancy glamping so being close to alternative options - B&B's and hotels, will come in handy.

Think about add ons.   Depending on what you’re trying to create you can get some great additions to tag on to the accommodation.  Such as,  on site washing facilities, fire pits, breakfast hampers, mini bars and more!  Not all companies offer add ons so having a good idea of what you might fancy will help you whittle down your options. 

Lastly, remember that the English summer is pretty unpredictable so thinking about the weather is a must.  Make provisions for a soggy day by checking with the glamping company about what they offer,  such as heat lamps, wellies, awnings and even hot water bottles! 

We hope this helps you a little more when it comes to planning your glamping wedding and we wish you oodles of fun and happiness on your big day!

Peace and love from the Love Lotus team x