Let’s get ethical!

We always knew that when we created Love Lotus we wanted to give something back.  And by giving back we mean to nature, to the environment and to those in the communities around us.  Which is why being eco-friendly and ethical is firmly routed in the core of what we do.

Eco Camping Tent Hire | Love Lotus | Oxford & Bristol

And here’s how…

Lets start with our lotus belle tent interiors. We certainly don’t skimp on making our tents super snug for you, with all the little creature comforts that make a glamping experience idyllic, but hidden beneath are pieces of lovingly up-cycled furniture, little charity shop bought gems and beautiful soft furnishings made using eco-friendly fabrics such as organic bamboo and hemp.   

Minimizing waste and using sustainable building materials whenever we set up our lotus belle tent villages is hugely important too, and we make sure that we creep away without leaving a blotch on the landscape when all is done.  We even created our very own carbon footprint scheme, which means that for every tent that is rented from us, we plant a tree at our HQ and let you name it!  Pretty cool huh? 

And it doesn’t stop there, our food hampers that we provide for breakfasts or afternoon teas are made with organic, seasonal, locally grown foods and products from local companies, which means we aren’t lugging foods in from other corners of the world.

These are just a few of the ways in which we are helping to give something back and hopefully it will give you a nice, warm fuzzy feeling knowing that when you get cosy in your lotus belle tent you have also done a whole lot of good by helping to support local charities, reduce waste, up the low carbon living lifestyle and plant lots of beautiful trees.

Oh and one other thing, we try to work with equally ethical suppliers, ones that are riding the same wave as us.    We hope you’re on it with us too!