We're ready to rock!


We’re ready to rock!!!!

Since our last blog things have been busy in the Love Lotus world. We’ve had our container delivered; we’re in full swing in making our eco-friendly furniture, we even have our own custom made Love Lotus bunting but just one thing was missing, our tents…..

It’s time to put our Glamping capes on and make this happen.

On a rainy Tuesday at the beginning of March we all stood there looking at our big red container being delivered, all thinking the same thing; what do we put in there?

Our recyclable furniture was still scattered along the floor and our tents are in the middle of the sea somewhere in the North Pacific.

We did have our custom made bunting which was being made by ‘Jules Creations’. If all else failed we could have a fate around our red container.

Well, a month or so later and the panic has started to decrease. The furniture is beginning to take shape and the beautiful Lotus Belle tents are making themselves a home in our red container of love.

We can now say our luxury eco camping has lift off and we’re starting to get bookings!

Click here to cast your eyes on the range of Love Lotus furniture that will be featured amongst our different packages. All of the furniture is reclaimed, recycled and nailed together by us.

Our favourite pieces of furniture so far are the side benches; the tops have been made from old scaffold boards and legs are off an old farm plough. It’s amazing what a bit of imagination can do!

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Source: www.lovelotus.co.uk